Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Floor Sit

End to End..
rhyming like ive seen lifes origins..
lost in the cosmos of fast stars and their utmosts urgings,,
the never (ending) hunger that wont cease
purge all your wants like a sick disease..
freeze your mind,. your protoform..your essence,,
with a look..a feeling..just a sheer prescense..
envelop me..
like darkness..
a canopy of nothing..
cauchy analysis
callous tangent,
of a dusy page rotting..
into a shapless-
orb absorbing,,absolution,,,
absolutley encompass the all..
like a body burning..
releasing itself for its final calling..
all intogether now..
like my alternate realities..
from dimension..
ending all probabilities
my singular
in human,,
im too into everything,..
to be decieved by something common..
its the one problem...

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Crave

Its murder i quote..
broke heart,broke wallet,
no chairs.no ropes.
cant call it..
read it or recite it..
just come up,ears up..
dont get stuck
on the passions of bad luck..
thrashing the rusty brush
about with a midas touch..
leaving the meaning mangled 
in specks of cloudy dust..
beyond odyessey..
free to the bone,slave to the tone..
i assimilate everything im shown
until im full to form poetry..
in any forum
the formula.
accentuate thought verbatim
thats foreign with witty decorum
in every area,,
the panorama's pantameters reach..
beyond shakes peers peaks..
leaving brains beseiged
the sense's tweak and leak
stunted from a growth
its the breaks revised
from parts unknown
courtesy of woes froze,
echos of an eye cone..
a cornea..clipped and torn..
no icons..
no media..
no medium
for the relief..
impeach my speech
and write rhymes
w clenched teeth..
bitter brief..linear belief
learned defeat,
hunger increase...


Winter across the chasm,
dead air,
entropy sways,
stringy hair,
currents of -
passion grasped,
by the scent of despair
the subtle move
the empty stare.
subtitled glare

beyond the eyes..
beyond the stars..
and nowhere,

Wing It

Things change..
rearrange the picture frame,
retro vision,
retro scope,
go for broke,
roll the dice..
play with your life..

the patterns,

the systems,

you dont think twice..

hesitation is
the precursor
to the afterlife,

cast yourself
in the smoldering

break the mold,

from the darkest
of nights,

re invent the wheel,

spinning of
your own advice,

in places of no feel..


Hit hard like a walking statue..
make a statute like a hines ward tackle..
im that Thing..that made lauren hill sing
something impecable..
due to bullshit and party
like if i was biggie in college
and i aint even attending
its just for the knowledge..
just a little somthing
that('ll) carry me thru the silence
when words strike the papyrus
and move lines out my
mouth with a stray twist
like that casa bey video
untill you get the gist..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So far

All that i am..
all that i was..

suppose that these words..
could mend like gauze..

i would
commence to
amend my bars and structure-
fragments from
these punctured shards..

shoulder the weight
whilst breaking the laws-
with a sudden halt..
due to my pause..
and in that pause.
i stare at the sky
criss crossed..
plucking the stars
from heavens afar..
leave hell open fully ajar,,

stand in complacency with just a scar,,

"where ever i am..where i go..
my center is..all i know..
and if it gets pulled thats all i wrote..

"where ever i am wherever i go
thats where i need to need to be..
never stop the growth..
a simple smile and a lot of hope"

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Insatuious skill,
the power to maximise every letter in the alphabet-
filling every inch of the blank tablet,
a synched mind of knowledge..
inline with the collage of natures carnage,
peaceful architext..
a balanace so humble yet so polished..
that if you push me to the edge..
the bottom will adjust..
to the fall of my ebs..
a collapse contained in context
the fire emits..abrased by the momentum shifts
you would think it would be the other way-
when the elements flip..
but the soul spits so precise.
stir in the catacombs.
still moved by the life..
even if the movement is in the opposite

Still aint no one brighter...
and nothing so sure..
all bets are off
until the planets collude..

the big question..
the big bang,,,

was it the answer
are we moving forwards or bkwrds..

growth amid upheavel
destruction and renewal and destruction
the cycle that fuels assumption..
till its a clears point..
a new direction..

the only message is intro-spection

defunct diallect..
denizen of circumstance.
residing in sliding
thoughts of silence..

like clouds in the wind
spinning against gusts
of grinning violence..
the breeze lick on the larynx
a passion tongue tied..coalesced
more the less..
an amaglam of maginations..
the wonderfull parade of illusion and frustration..
one man moving,through the sludge of disallusions..
fighting fusion..
patience or progress
whats winning-whats losing..

shifty parameters..iffy panoramas..

licking these paragraphs w enorumus type
lavendar deity of a dogmatic magma blow,
echo'ed from obscurity's lovely glow..
follow and quickly notice-
the difference level..

tongue stuck...with thoughts i wrestle-

Monday, September 14, 2009


Come one come all..
lyrical sodium pentothal..
psycho sick,,
like bates norman
in his momma shawl..
never a curtan call..
its self survival like im up
against jigsaw..
but still prone to disobey the all
like im bible saul..
forced to crawl..nocturne.. bamf
stanced w a stern jaw.. laff..
w this campbell credo..
momofuku mufawkin ando..
straight noodles with
a life gamble..
death dance arsonel
tango w the wrentched
sweat scented..

and get left w a new window..
a new vision to see thru..

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Motivated failures
an illusion of fear
no longer freezes
my inner pieces
seeking summer
under cold
rigor mortis
i'm sure life teaches
what should be taught
in the due time that reaches
the nexus of caught thought
emitting .. befitting
tones from my speeches..

gathered here
in a consenus
of condensed respondent
ligaments that etch
a path on a pad like

anger scent

flow of the wrath..

eyes that glow
like an empath..
when clogged neutral
i guess the feeling stays

moving on,

visual splendor..
requiem for methuselah
tender touches of a claw
8 bit audio w a sore jaw
in awe..
of the flashy
sledgehammer w a haze
rendered from a mold
melded in blazy tinkerings
inked by blots bickering
mixed watery,,151 and powder
kinda lofty..shifty and horizontal
teetering on brinks that force pull
edges to crop up like humid paper
thats had enuff..
funk dust lust
the pen pumps,
busting clicks
like tic tac doe..
rae me..free to
write what i can't

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Un focused..

W all the photometric.

Staring at lights,

Like a moth,
too close..

Before glowing..







dwn this trodden-



of missed conception…

we were passing stars,
far from a constellation..

the precession left light trails,
on my peripheral..

my circled rotation..

an I lid..

this heart slighted..


by the bottoms-
dark ..

that fell out..

sharply silent..




Feeling sideways..

Citizen -

The only thing staring-
In the mirror..

is being broke..

payment of a promissary note..

how far can one quote the stretch..

of a breaking points spent-

nothing worse than being left perplexed..
with no balance..

not knowing what comes next..

un-conclusive remnants..

the origins of death,
and or success..

both chances..

that no longer succumb,
to that thing that beats heavy-
in my chest..

this numb duress..
questioning a conscious..
Im confident-
that i cant feel any defense..

mars vs venus..

close captioned..
with cold contentions..

Ah Sun shine flower heavenly scented..
to a night sky so intrinsicly dejected..
its translucent..
in its fragrance-
of a faliure
amongst affection..

ascention ..
to an affixed
sense of lament
thats annexed to the axis
of this crescent’s
irregular sequence..

with a question..

whats the spacing..
inbetween..two points

if up and down is never moving..
and were bound by the gravity,
of a horizon aligned in-
Euclidean unison?..