Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Bends

Fashion me
in every postulation
everything you say
but you couldn’t change
the phrase that split
the age of decay
by night,by day
the gutted remains
glittered for display
disco balls,rusty chains,no frames
aims that missed
rained picnics
a picture perfect
only on the surface

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Apart from the fairytales,
the drums redundant,
striking matches,
lighting serpent tips,
skin shed quicker,
than the next vices mixture,
skull and crossbone pictures,
red octagon dawn signatures,
smiles in caligra.aqua.pleasure,
azure chords,pegged verbose,
and if feet tap the floors,
that what hits the cosmos,
comatose delay,scored to an encore,
of record pause and play that saved,
kneeling to the porcelain beliefs free,
what goes round,goes round me,

Btwn Stars

Evidence of silence,confiding presence-
of a midnights flashing crescent,dim lit,yet intense,
evocative,draped in this repugnant dispence of a 7th sense-
influenced by the absence of a will that won't bend,
the myth of ascent w/o forthwith descent,sullen,solemn,
in moments of patience,motionless,like a grey goblin-
gargoyle stricken to a statue view on earthen soils,
its unnatural,the context arcadian to alien aerials,
spatial boogie labels,the vocal babel stamped bestial-
to lookie lookie strangers stuck in gutted palacios,
the golden ratio’s rusted to the nth decimal,
dotted totem dance,venom flask,denim drum flack,
raspy espouse of a thermal grasp,clenching what encompasses-
the omniscience of personal experiences,in dimensions infinite,
an expressionless template of a spirit beyond its outer limit,

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Marble cinder tinge,stubbed feet-
crusted sanguine,east spin of the wind,
buckthorn smell,stepping on dead skin,
element kindred,the belief of ease,
simmering in that soul settling,
tempest melo movement fugit,
nomenclatures of a circumstantial kid,
cherub tempora,glazing aura,endorphins of natures flora,
nomen nescio palacio,an observer,admist grass furniture,
daily absorbing the rays of solar moisture,feeling closer,
celestial overture,the descants entrance-
enchants the clouds to fluff and dance,
expanding climate,neonate searching-
for a tongue that meets the inanimate,
imitating the arrays of seraphic frames,
intimate phrase,couldn't give it a name,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Slow Light

Entropy in disguise,dead skies-
designed to bind blind eyes.
the cloaking of divine mind.
a stimulation of endless lies.
the sensation unconscious.
a heart pumping oxygen.
gravity slows time by the par second.
hollow globe transparent,holographic.
bodies in mass transit,energy exchange.
celestial traffic,orb enhancements.
utopia coded,the sisyphus ovis complex.
is principia prepensed? discordia sequenced?
society's asylums,random confinements.
so sojourn,quantum,slow burns.
no forms,phantoms of the wormholes.
lost souls,physicals sequestered by visuals.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sickness

The antithesis of an illness.filtered laments,
angels vs. demons.death of allegiance,
beasts of the moon the midst-
of deadly vice grips.built by sane psychos,
chips in your cell phone.mass control,
they used to lick the paper.the currency-
chirps in through a network.there is no net worth,
when your outsourced from the source and
you can’t search outside your media sets plotted course,
its all age mechanics.rockets in the air-
manifest death.the despots pledge: to leave truths empty chair-
rotting fresh.knowledge escapes from the frame-
like carbons from the breath.the dioxide stains-
the lining of your grey matters flesh.
the pain keeps you honest.
the cure bottled for profit$.