Saturday, February 25, 2012

Btwn Stars

Evidence of silence,confiding presence-
of a midnights flashing crescent,dim lit,yet intense,
evocative,draped in this repugnant dispence of a 7th sense-
influenced by the absence of a will that won't bend,
the myth of ascent w/o forthwith descent,sullen,solemn,
in moments of patience,motionless,like a grey goblin-
gargoyle stricken to a statue view on earthen soils,
its unnatural,the context arcadian to alien aerials,
spatial boogie labels,the vocal babel stamped bestial-
to lookie lookie strangers stuck in gutted palacios,
the golden ratio’s rusted to the nth decimal,
dotted totem dance,venom flask,denim drum flack,
raspy espouse of a thermal grasp,clenching what encompasses-
the omniscience of personal experiences,in dimensions infinite,
an expressionless template of a spirit beyond its outer limit,

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