Saturday, December 15, 2012

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A dead lust essence,
Indented seraphim wings,
dripping paradoxes vieled thin,
in this boxy rat race, there is no fin,
symbols of origin, coded in the open,
generation prometheam in a dimension-
where theory of action is condescending,
the weight of oxygen splits pomegranate-
lips to a cinder without even barely asking,
basking in the scented fishbowl conscious,
hanging my assumptions btwn night and day,
melded the depths of decay, in this abyss-
of blissful continuance, just to display-
regret like the ends of a zooming comet-
crash landing on an planet now extinct,

the first steps to awakening…

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Church Ladies

Dimming along the senses,
singing a song inaudible, resonating-
in dimensions of no angle, intangible-
sunscapes: where in, eyes fail to widen-
to whatever wide awake is,
exit society, casket entropy,
zombie subspace, beauty of the faceless,
cynical faiths and cyclical wastes,
moons burst as planets break-
to re-arrange: size.. shape.. color,
never really thought of reality- 
as much of a real lover,
the embrace numbs and nurtures-
as much is it hugs and tortures..
diverging from the dirges-
with no words and no verses,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rosen Bridge

Pulsating clock paradox,
locked with a vision that skips,
from moment to moment affixed-
abridging current conditions,
as the planet dances and spins-
eating the romance with my shells skin,
akin to a stars birth and burning,
phoenix light beacon,
stream waves out lay-
the motions meaning,
stitching marks on the curvature-
of a dimensions bending,
a mixture of mobius strips
and feedback loops heard as-
clicks, buzzes and whispers,
they muse thought to travel and form
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Power Ballad

Bradbury worries buried deeper than bodied regrets in cemeteries..
sentenced sentience carried in a singularity shaped dimension..
the caretaker of tension, jung perceptions..
knowledge is legend, but understanding is immortality..
the comprehension of compressed energy 
expressed free out of native captivity..
the resolution is unclassified, unresolved..
pixels blotted out,rebirth walled..
phoenix charr,ripple in time..
death of the dark star..
dead time light from rays afar..
dead skin in the palm 
as the planet revolves 
as the mind calms..

Sunday, May 20, 2012

2nd City

Police state,
sirens, sound cannons,
the camera's in your face,
feeding inflated tax rates,
undebated totalitarianism,
unsated cronyism,
modern day colonialism,
helicopters and humvees,
while the homeless freeze,
clinics closed due to-
insufficient funding,
who watches who?
eavesdroping acts,
protecting the boys in blue
quick to shoot unarmed youths
and the education system is day care prison,
"more schools to open" in the charter system,
14 mill for the war monger's weekend
chants.. drums.. listen:
the people are speaking
its labeled indecent, in a town that's sleeping,
where material consumption is like a second skin,
and the media spins their only outlet for information,
the city of wind where nothing ever changes...

Saturday, May 19, 2012


No "#" marks, No watch,
characters stream...
like flocks of
freckled moon beams-
weary, bleeding dusk,
circadian sun flushed,
2 hand air, hushed touch,
pushing a.m. w Icrust,
dry respites, catch-22,
n0 set limbo, bit lip,
brken window roomed,
mirth glued to a lolly,
bloom theory moxy,
entombed poly pixelated,
Heaven/Hell's crossing,
6ft indifference..conscious..