Sunday, May 20, 2012

2nd City

Police state,
sirens, sound cannons,
the camera's in your face,
feeding inflated tax rates,
undebated totalitarianism,
unsated cronyism,
modern day colonialism,
helicopters and humvees,
while the homeless freeze,
clinics closed due to-
insufficient funding,
who watches who?
eavesdroping acts,
protecting the boys in blue
quick to shoot unarmed youths
and the education system is day care prison,
"more schools to open" in the charter system,
14 mill for the war monger's weekend
chants.. drums.. listen:
the people are speaking
its labeled indecent, in a town that's sleeping,
where material consumption is like a second skin,
and the media spins their only outlet for information,
the city of wind where nothing ever changes...

Saturday, May 19, 2012


No "#" marks, No watch,
characters stream...
like flocks of
freckled moon beams-
weary, bleeding dusk,
circadian sun flushed,
2 hand air, hushed touch,
pushing a.m. w Icrust,
dry respites, catch-22,
n0 set limbo, bit lip,
brken window roomed,
mirth glued to a lolly,
bloom theory moxy,
entombed poly pixelated,
Heaven/Hell's crossing,
6ft indifference..conscious..