Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let the Nightmares Go

Let the nightmares go.
stuck in positions
inbtwn levels
of rare affliction
rare species
modus operandi
bottles of cherry or brandi
candy licked psychology
with the trumpet in my ear
and i cant see
drive slow.. drive fast..
but stay at the same speed
the glance will avalanche
if you stare and get snared
by the lights

It's like that tunnel vision
motionless moving
while the path laps you
consuming: dreams,aches
and everything worth losing
let the nightmares go..
staring @ the ceiling
kill the angel?
slay the demon?
am i awake
is this dreaming?

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Open Skies

Agape with the bells and whistles of a divine acuity
purity of the breath held free in the chest
it welches
us inches closer
to deaths cleft..

the symphony of equation
in the end,,
what is it thats left..

leaving traces and tracks
lord of our vices
carrying weight on our backs
so heavy and priceless

we couldnt buy the moments
in time we thunk twice
as eyelids blinked
to awkward silences..

open skies as water splatters
bawling your hands
as the enamel chatters

the chills

the prescribed animosity
trying to re invent
the clouds
with a finger pointed
at the sun

burning your doctrines
selling your actions
as self percieved
to lifes traction..

crisis in full motion..
tacklin entanglements
bleeding self notions..


that race..
like masses
of paste

circling the sun
solidifying in the chase..

Agape with the designs
absolving all fates..

humming in the wind
a song changing

She Said...

She said..
life is but dream..

locked inbetween

the silouettes

the scenes...

the shadows,
the mazes ,
that are seldom.. seen

life is but a dream..

till you wake up...

..spinning like the wind
..scraping the pavement
..pushing a paper cup

pigeon stroll with the wings
on tight tuck..

lacing the locks..loosley
walking with feet free
so stuck..

dont hesitate..
take the jump..

she said life is but a dream..

but dreams die..
once you dont believe

take your breath..
just let it bleed..
take your time

an leave...
the troubles
behind .

never mind -
the day..


the moment..


before its truely away..

life isnt life
if it isnt for slo decay

so love your life..
if even tho at times it leaves
you with nothing.

.nothing to say..

so i guess life is... just a dream

silent and unheard.

(a sub conscious)

from baby crying famous last words

(were just floating formless)

its the paramore
of a deep rest..


just let it go..


have no regrets

stay outside the darkness

once you


Sitting b-side self..
cold embers..fell..
froze in the gist..

fire slumbers
from twirls
to a whisk ..

the sleeping giant

under lighting
so silent

thick lips shift
pressing dead

soft movement

a closing
eye lid

the still vibrance is felt
even when the temp dips..

the record skips

sonance of red hues



Sling a thought,elastic,
rubberband sting padded-
straight madden,
auto sprint.multi challenged,multi tasked,
smoking in thick traffic,system blast static,
slick skin pattern slits,solvent view of the inner planets,
sweating outer limits,cute mechanisims,canabalistic visions,
wincing at promise rings.chocolate milk,chopsticks,
knowledge in the book ends,flapper curls,pearls,sunsets,
windy stringy dresses,pizzaz fabrics framed in sessions.
essence of photography,shooting black and white hues..
viewed sketchy,
bang bang uzi,
whistle blowing,
no melody.
no meloncholy,
reasons of epiphany
whilst pushing rust wheels
sealing my undoubtedly due deraill
of a week to week pace gone snail
ooh day oh,slow maze,
phase one glow.ideas placed,
amongst the staled trail,semi stunned,
by the strobe lights blue daze,
that hazes purple knuckles,
plucking mottos that,
stay stuck to you..
stuck to u.
stuck ta ya.


Just a slide off the inkblot,
slight of hand fury
the same force that fully
crossed icarus to a toss
turned the wax into pudding
its candles on then cake off
sun caught the lid,,
flipped refracted into a rareform
formed un-hid,,
its the business forum of the elements
yeasting the lore into heavenly encores
so excellent
2 parts gravity
one part meteor
bits from bits
till the cooling gathers
pictures and patterns
chutes and ladders
scriptures and taverns
the avalanche of the non sequential
as the spirits call and linger
simmer in the cinder
of splatters

off the easel..

off the wall

off the jaw

off the switch

till the twicthing
in the pinkie cease
and desists..

the drive..the hunger..
clutching the shifts..

the countless nights spent
with the same sentence
stuck on dry lips..