Monday, August 22, 2011

She Said...

She said..
life is but dream..

locked inbetween

the silouettes

the scenes...

the shadows,
the mazes ,
that are seldom.. seen

life is but a dream..

till you wake up...

..spinning like the wind
..scraping the pavement
..pushing a paper cup

pigeon stroll with the wings
on tight tuck..

lacing the locks..loosley
walking with feet free
so stuck..

dont hesitate..
take the jump..

she said life is but a dream..

but dreams die..
once you dont believe

take your breath..
just let it bleed..
take your time

an leave...
the troubles
behind .

never mind -
the day..


the moment..


before its truely away..

life isnt life
if it isnt for slo decay

so love your life..
if even tho at times it leaves
you with nothing.

.nothing to say..

so i guess life is... just a dream

silent and unheard.

(a sub conscious)

from baby crying famous last words

(were just floating formless)

its the paramore
of a deep rest..


just let it go..


have no regrets

stay outside the darkness

once you

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