Monday, July 20, 2009

Cloak and Shatter

Consume rap.. 
Conducive actions of a sanctioned klepto in the arts of being pyro-clastic.. 
bury the hatchet with your chest scraping the metals of my message.. 
spraying ink blots,,staining the pages in different directions,,seeding evasive persuasions,, 
that slowly rewind back to the point of the impacts seizing precipice.. 
be like "i like it".. 
but i cant define.. 
that origins beginning.. 

In these mindless..stages of dawn dimming.. 
I'm stealing your light like I'm bong binging.. 
but I'm more like doc ock w arms arched moving.. 
patient of thought.agrivated off the blank pages block. 
Shiva rock locked into the doctrine of a clock- 
that aught to have stopped.. 
way past the participles of its inners simple 

big toe tingle.. 

back like beatrix..

In the matrix..

strapped with a trinity.. 
artillery..of a Gemini..who can 3's: 

(1)death frees..
(2)time bleeds
(3)everything repeats..

morphing beyond the agents of my circle.. 
Smith and Wesson oracle.. 

Surname of a tongues twisted birth.

versed from a hymned journal of hurt.. 
burnt the passages to ravage out the murk's dirt..

he is such a irked jerk,whos past a gassed bezerk flirt.. 
but whats my worth? when cursed?

the prolonged song lurks with no words..
it cuts it was the first,,
felt like a guns bullet burst..

on gods bathroom lurched.. 


I consume rap.. 
with such a scorched thirst.. 
that comets trail my inner course upon contact with that magnum force .. 
with that magnum force. 
the opus impact converged.. 
spitbak with such surge.. 
it spackled over any emotions,,any urge .. 
hardened with a weight that hurts worse.. 
than repetitive ambiguity.. 
a gulch in continuity..stuck.. 
waiting to traverse.. 

Sparked a curse and a gift that keeps given .. 
zombie verse biting your inner hearing. 

Post apocalyptic with a cryptic way of sinning.. 
salvation through redemption rather.. 
burn down the pity..and blaze with a pious envy.. 
to knock down anything that stands next to me.. 

The nexus of obscurity.. 
Godzilla playing pong with his tail 
in zero degrees of free gravity.. 

The dead pocket of space in my inner brains captive cavity.. 
re-introducing..the capacity to move.. 
my empty.. 

Into the groves of your anatomy.. 
till we fuse..due to the currents calamity..