Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scribble Fold

Post-it note in wallet,
dirty brow..dry mouth..
unfolding scribbled lines
drawn from the morning,
am to pm to the break of yawn..
to the shake of awe ending and never finished,
mote speckles I saw and formed sentence,
mute they heckled, off level, in essence
transposed the image. clean version
formatted in creased dingy movement
the modified bent pattern participle
refined henosis, hocking a principle
from..under desk gum peel steel window sill
energy vs it’s opposite will
the instilled product is kissable
the feel of exchange is all equal

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Purpose

Beyond reason and the limits of language
where thoughts of ego resonate into baggage.
the orthodox state that is carried
the primeval proxy of knowledge
Into the senses
obscured by the dances
and the chase for prosperity
wherein the chase is imagery
with no clarity
no greater focus
than the difference between
existence and conformance
in your reality
whether awake
or lying dormant.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walking Heads

Sarte vs Camus,
a canvas blotched proof,
fluid in deviation,
a faux pa for the fruit
of elevation,
seeds of evolution,
is it duty or is it
lets take it back to the roots,
a live redux-tion,
breaking out of the loops,
and wave fixations,
that glue views,
to the late night stations,
sensations sparked unchained,
torres straits paints,
rise of the apes,
chemicals and cages,
lets take it to the pearly gates,
my parallel proletariat,
lets occupy space,
spark the divide,
illuminate the paths pace,
amongst Kirkman's dead
that gaze remains
the zombie speech with no shape,
no function to the movements,
in the midst of confusion
a population siege
society deceived.
expressionless contrasts
masking the face's physique

a looking glass theory,

what is it they seek?