Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walking Heads

Sarte vs Camus,
a canvas blotched proof,
fluid in deviation,
a faux pa for the fruit
of elevation,
seeds of evolution,
is it duty or is it
lets take it back to the roots,
a live redux-tion,
breaking out of the loops,
and wave fixations,
that glue views,
to the late night stations,
sensations sparked unchained,
torres straits paints,
rise of the apes,
chemicals and cages,
lets take it to the pearly gates,
my parallel proletariat,
lets occupy space,
spark the divide,
illuminate the paths pace,
amongst Kirkman's dead
that gaze remains
the zombie speech with no shape,
no function to the movements,
in the midst of confusion
a population siege
society deceived.
expressionless contrasts
masking the face's physique

a looking glass theory,

what is it they seek?


  1. I'm loving, loving, loving this poem. =O

    I love poems with some sort of scientific flow to them. All the chemical stuff, all the sparks of creating something in a lab.

    I wish there was a name of poems like these. Let's just call them Scientific Poems. :)
    I write similar things too. Usually it's just robots, but now I am expanding out.

    I am currently working on writing a poem on the moment in time between when an egg is fertilised and when the egg starts splitting.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. In reply to that:

    Yes, the eggplant did, indeed, turn grey, and rubbery. It tasted okay though.

    I hope the education system gets a reform soon too. costs are insane as hell.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! You should def post some of your scientifical robotic poems they sound interesting(i used to write under the moniker "blue robot") but the egg fertilization and splitting that is next level. I wonder how that will read visually or what viewpoint you might take. I love science, specifically physics, esp anything michio,wolf,even green.. the concepts are so wild,and non stagnant..from string to double slit theory.

    Fav robot @ the moment=Beemo

  3. This is awesome. I'm so glad I came across another person who writes similar poems.

    For my poems, I am thinking of writing them from the perspective of small particles - the minuscule things that take place in the process, as if you were floating nearby. For example, the wave of calcium particles which encourage the first cell division to take place.

    I'm so excited about this. But right now (because of all the stress), I'm a bit low on my poetic juice, so I think it will take me a while to finish the drafts. I have a ton of poetry lined up, but I'm too lazy to edit things right now.

    I love physics too! But I like writing about biology and robotics a lot more. I love all the quantum theory stuff, but somehow I can never write a poem about it. But I do get inspired to write poetry based on cosmology, it's just that I never go through with it.

    I do post my poems on my blog, whenever I write a new one. But if you haven't come across one, and if you're interested in reading some, I keep an archive of all of them on this page:

    Mostly, I write about beautiful robots and robots depressed by human behaviour ;)
    So I guess they are not that technical, more emotional. I'm moving into "technical" territory with my new poems.

    I looked up the Beemo robot - it's adorable as heck!

  4. Thanks for the blog link i will def check it out.

    Maybe we could write something together like a robot/physics collab.
    Asimov and dark matter..quarks and sparks something along those lines..
    I generally sway to that type of scifi reality, what i want to do is read the "Electric Ant" by Phillip K Dick:
    The whole organic robot / human condition.
    I would never think to write about the creation aspect of particles that's real deep and should def not let the roadblocks stop you. I usually don't write when i'm brain blank. I just let it come to me, which is usually while driving,sometimes i find myself carrying a small pad or pen and waiting for a red light. I think it's the visuals that attract me and entice me to filter them in my way,so don't let it get to you. A little bit @ a time is good. You know what would be a good concept? Organic Robots infected with a zombie virus that want to eat humans but yet are super smart..something along those lines set in the retro future.

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog :)

    I posted a new robot poem after such a long time today! I wrote it months ago, but I wanted to make an illustration for it. But then I realised that I will never get around to it, so I just published it.

    Aaaah, I would love to write a collab poem with you! Sounds really, really awesome. How should we go about doing it, though? I've never written a collaborative poem before.

    I love the concept of dark matter and subatomic particles! I never wrote a poem about them, but I might be willing to do one.

    The Electric Ant sounds so damn good. I wish I could read it now. Although the philosophical questions raised by it would probably make my head explode.

    I have this large list of sci-fi books I want to read. I think that as soon as I graduate, I will just sit down and order 200 books off Amazon (not exaggerating here).

    When it comes to robots / human condition thing, I think my poetic expertise (if you want to call it that) lie there. I write a lot of poetry based on that, especially looking at the relationship between God/man by looking at the relationship between human/robot. The supreme creator and the lonely product of creation, forever doomed to roam it's environment alone.

    It's not bible preaching though (I'm not even Christian), but a way to observe the philosophical implications of such a relationship, without going either in a theist or atheist direction.

    For me, I usually write a poem in one sitting. Although recently I have been keeping them all as drafts and editing them every now and them. But I need to get at least the skeleton out of the way before I lose the inspiration.

    "Organic Robots infected with a zombie virus that want to eat humans but yet are super smart" - sounds nice! I always wanted to write about this cute robot that eats humans out of loneliness. But zombie viruses sound pretty good too!

    Let me know how you want to do the collaboration. This will be an interesting experiment for me. Let's see how it works out.

  6. We should write about maybe dark matter and sub atomic particles or even better a human/robot piece where one of us tackles a role,but we would need a premise kind of like the robot questioning it's newly found existence and the role the human would play as "father" and also how the human is trying to relate to his/her purpose also? Maybe a clash of these 2 ideas? maybe have the robot even create another type of robot? There is alot of topics we can tackle..i'll think about it more.

    Tell me about, reading is essential. I picked up a good stack of books when border's went out of business. Currently i have a lot of philosophy books that i want to go through..i do need to read more asimov, and i need to finish A Brave New World.

    I write the same way too, If i don't get it out in one sitting then i'll keep on editing it and changing it..and never finish lol but oddly also i've been collecting a bunch of yellow post-its where i'll jot down some verses and not finish. I've been in a slump as to the purpose of my writing, not creative or conceptually but more like why am i writing?

    I'll check out your poem,I didn't know you worked on illustrations also.