Friday, September 2, 2011


She whispered @ the crescent..

lip gloss thin and scented -
with the lust of a tension

brushing the sweat drops,

hushed whim..

you could hear the tic tocs
you could hear the wind lick
the snow

like some type of artic
frantic echo

ansy and nervous:

she took a swig
she took a drag

she finally
let go

digging in her bag's
smashed wrinkles
like a ceral box
rumpled to its top

out came her stop
she jumped in the lights
eyes locked in the brights


that entice.


  1. This blog is awesome stuff. I love how the poems flow so easily. It's short and simple, no nonsense sort of style. Loving it.

    I tend to write similar poems too - keeping each line very short and snappy. Although I cannot rhyme to save my life :(

    And thanks for the follow :)
    Following you guys too. Looking forward to reading more :)

    This totally made me want to jump up and start writing more poems (if only I had the time...)

  2. Thank's for reading Flippy I appreciate it. If you ever want to collab on writing something just let me know.