Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Outstreched with fingertips
Celestial emptyness
a fragrance
nostrils flair
the mind races
the heart paces
with no think
no speak..

the only utterance of air..
are bodies moved by the motion

lines disappear
and reappear..

the creator
must be shifting
his paradigm
with a stare
looking at stars
beyond the brillance of radiance
with an ajar
fingers stanced bent..
so perfect,
lighting his inner pages.

the notebook un opened..
writing electric
the love lashes
the backdrop
of a burnt

the calling that slowly aches..
an equation of all.
where nothing matters but
the fall..

walled in
like 1nesol in skin

comets collide forming
jupiters grin

the cold planets
are planets

until untolerated

ask pluto,
in the system
amongst minor children
holding the flag

the unlimited objects
outside my axis...

anchored by aimed targets?..
nowadays i let the ambivalence sway..
fingers are fists in the darkness
when eyes are no longer on

Monday, August 17, 2009

Message In Motions

Run the gamut
words slashed in papyrus
from hands seeped semi odorous

pierced from thoughts
pieced from cordless

gorged off the flesh
expressive tense
defensive in..
out.. laments
still stressing the need
to vent from glassy orbits
keypush to coding
vitruvian doodle-ings
nitroglycerin sketchings
on avenues,whilst walking
my message in motions

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hold my thoughts close to my chest....
barely breathing with a focus exasperated..
walking sedated..tainted by the day lit.
sitting half twitchy,the other side waiting
to switch,
imma jumbled amalgam of vapors..
solids..liquids..gasps..all strained thru the shakers..
stressed by how the calming centers..
off keel..with no numbers..
to show how numb i feel as i stumble..
suttle..slighted by an iris crumpled..
sight is 20/50 vying for that tunnel...
the light..at night..of a flickering channel..
the candle..as i reach for all my notes like hands on
a piano..
hands that’s shallow..
in the deep end of my hearts hollow, left with no air to swallow..
empty gargle..as i grapple..an hold this duress..close to my chest
was thought to be adept at taking a test..
but its nights of unrest .. unrest.. un-rest..
upon layers and layers of..acceptance..acceptance..acceptance


Destroying the dense..
with a tense teeter of
free thinking
Lou Rawls
lonely roads
feet froze
in a glimmer
of the night
last writes..
when i cant snap
off the pen..
with a penmenship so precise..
i have a penchant to be amazing..
imagine words without this
its like imaginging,
a view from the origin,,
the oracle of creation,
falcon status,,
divine Ramses,,
lonely statues..in the wilderness,,lets face it...
because in the straits of todays cadence..

nobody rivets the parameters..
the way my gears guide hammers..

the machine amongst amateurs..

dedicated in a world of scavengers..

Friday, August 7, 2009

Puddle Mesh

Sweet sensations,
rain drops,

a melody of waved patterns,
the waters crest,

a familiar voice,
the strangers death,

heavy breath,
staring at the echo's,

locked mind of a tenor,
tense enuff to sharpen,
knives off his temple,

blunt offering,
holding a pious soul,
with the sodering uneven,

the seams breakpoints,
bleed when the light beacons,

spraying rays from dusk to dawn,
to these spawn of demons,

that melt in a pot of their own
inner convictions, leaking something-
seemingly convincing to my hearing,

a death reborn,
phoenix wing beating,

on cloudy drums to the beat-
of the shining sun,

like life is the all,
and we are just the one,

equilibrium action's,
where action acts like a phantom,
a double shadow,
suprizing you at random,

when split decisions leave you,
saying "what was that outcome"
the last result is summed up in
equation undone,

I guess regret is defined,
by the action of your own graphic pattern,

like tree stump innards,
circling your outer saturns

enduring these points of gravity,
with feelings of no depth,
an actuality begat off a duress,

bereft of a conscious that was lost,
frost off center in the chest..

clarity's precipice,
with these welts that line
my foreheads focus,

the progress of a blow,
leaving you in slo mo,
while the world rotates,
on its axis-
all because you cant let go,
and hold again,

dark reign origin,

adjusting this token halo,
labeling this broken angels


with many angles..

close crys of a baby's birth sent,
A teething tenant,
slanted,since the umbilicals's
tentacles were ripped to the dent,

staggering up these rickety stairs,
step by step,crawling in this god forsaken mess,
growing his legs, while splashing in the stank of dregs,

The journey slowly takes you to whats next,
an arrival where nothing is merly left,
nothing was right,
the emptyness,
the droplet of water,
cascading off your eye lids held tight,

The lashes flick and your eyes take flight,
the fire burns dim,the flashes of smoke skim,
a darkness that shines bright,nights of raining
thoughts that snuff light..