Monday, August 10, 2009


Hold my thoughts close to my chest....
barely breathing with a focus exasperated..
walking sedated..tainted by the day lit.
sitting half twitchy,the other side waiting
to switch,
imma jumbled amalgam of vapors..
solids..liquids..gasps..all strained thru the shakers..
stressed by how the calming centers..
off keel..with no numbers..
to show how numb i feel as i stumble..
suttle..slighted by an iris crumpled..
sight is 20/50 vying for that tunnel...
the night..of a flickering channel..
the i reach for all my notes like hands on
a piano..
hands that’s shallow..
in the deep end of my hearts hollow, left with no air to swallow..
empty i hold this duress..close to my chest
was thought to be adept at taking a test..
but its nights of unrest .. unrest.. un-rest..
upon layers and layers of..acceptance..acceptance..acceptance

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