Friday, September 2, 2011


She whispered @ the crescent..

lip gloss thin and scented -
with the lust of a tension

brushing the sweat drops,

hushed whim..

you could hear the tic tocs
you could hear the wind lick
the snow

like some type of artic
frantic echo

ansy and nervous:

she took a swig
she took a drag

she finally
let go

digging in her bag's
smashed wrinkles
like a ceral box
rumpled to its top

out came her stop
she jumped in the lights
eyes locked in the brights


that entice.

Night to Light

The night sky velvet,
crystalizes a thought.
caught from a stars sonnet,
that streaked the canvas -
as if the divine bombed it..
eye meeting light out the darkness,
the revealing feeling of a sightless artist,
who's brushing collages out his wrists arches..

Night Night

The night sky whispers in my ear
while the vespers path floats remotely
a feeling so sincere..
the noise so soft
it fufills my glance..
leaving me star crossed..
in a sullen stance..
words were lost
whilst the breeze advanced..
with an unfroze-
feeling of a sublime chance..
as the moon laughed and danced..
all i could do was enjoy while i watched it pass..

Never could draw

Always wanted to draw with the pen,
paint or lead..
the thoughts on the pad wouldnt match -
what was in the head..


like a sliver
in my nail bed..

radio box

bumping rail..6ft under
on my sunday reg..

up all night..
seeing with the eyes red..


while the instrumentals played
over again..over again..

the beat sang into my ear..
with a discreet whisper..

the first lines i dropped
was nothing i was too into..

copying formats to fit
my thoughts thru a view-
with a #2 pencil..

page upon page..
jotting down thoughts
for days..
thinking its more than just a phaze...

the reason for sanity,the reason for craze..

craving the challenge..
creating a cage
out of uniting phrases that wind tight
like weaving mazes-
with no end in sight
from a noisy place
drenched in silence..

Gripping the thoughts now
with every sentence..i'm so assertive..

a pure purpose..

drawing worlds with words
just so focused..

publishing poems
now:.. with binary..electronic.. circuits..

leaving the the moleskins

a voice that has kinks
on the brink
ready to surface..
but knowing-
never to force it..

just like when i started..

a blank page and
a thought uncharted..

on a whisp..on a whim..
looking to sing..

Sun Still

Cold soul of the universe feel
cursing at planets that steal
those moments revealed,unrehearsed
Its been happening since the big bang burst
I learned lies that spun an epiphany
cursed @ stars with calligraphy
a symphony in enclosed eyes
its all about a gravity..


when the wool pull is devised
and the string theory is
umblical in its ties

the cut

perioxide on the wings
muted speech
but my heart still sings

patience is an offering
freebooting elusive
to thoughts that give and bring
a solar stance prism wince

ever since its position of origin
Iv'e never second guessed the question
of a dawns shining connection
to a dark night of blinding


Crimsion hues..
yellow velvet..
a vision exquisite
staring at heavens hemmings
humming a tune.
mid day noon


lush vibrations
in anticipation of a silent storm
born from peaceful forms..

so i guess a silohuette
is still just a lining
stenciling the phantom
finding calm
at times random
at times the problem
is really the solution
to views so sick
and abusing
cause i carry them thick
like cloud fluff
hovering on a drift

2 Seconds

Sun shine ranunculus
a blue sky subdued due
to an accumulation of clouds cumulus
in columns stretched beyond the horizons

Flowers bloom to the kiss of the mornings breath..
The birds chirp and cheer near the windows edge..

And the breeze seeps into the soul
Making time stretch..

Blue Lights

Dusk mixed parable
licking my chin.I lost a marble
spinning adrift.wincing
when i
of combustion in confusion..

stars sparkle on high seas

more questions
blinking so fast
off the freeze

cold hands
a hacking weeze
so polite with my please(pleas)
piecing a poem
like a puzzle

the edges re arrange
piercing the juts while i guzzle:

cuddling cheap


slanting my chicago

soul with holes

old an un grown

an unknown cracking

in ah blue lights blinking

im basking..

im asking..

no thinking

just asking..