Monday, August 22, 2011


Just a slide off the inkblot,
slight of hand fury
the same force that fully
crossed icarus to a toss
turned the wax into pudding
its candles on then cake off
sun caught the lid,,
flipped refracted into a rareform
formed un-hid,,
its the business forum of the elements
yeasting the lore into heavenly encores
so excellent
2 parts gravity
one part meteor
bits from bits
till the cooling gathers
pictures and patterns
chutes and ladders
scriptures and taverns
the avalanche of the non sequential
as the spirits call and linger
simmer in the cinder
of splatters

off the easel..

off the wall

off the jaw

off the switch

till the twicthing
in the pinkie cease
and desists..

the drive..the hunger..
clutching the shifts..

the countless nights spent
with the same sentence
stuck on dry lips..

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