Monday, August 22, 2011


Sling a thought,elastic,
rubberband sting padded-
straight madden,
auto sprint.multi challenged,multi tasked,
smoking in thick traffic,system blast static,
slick skin pattern slits,solvent view of the inner planets,
sweating outer limits,cute mechanisims,canabalistic visions,
wincing at promise rings.chocolate milk,chopsticks,
knowledge in the book ends,flapper curls,pearls,sunsets,
windy stringy dresses,pizzaz fabrics framed in sessions.
essence of photography,shooting black and white hues..
viewed sketchy,
bang bang uzi,
whistle blowing,
no melody.
no meloncholy,
reasons of epiphany
whilst pushing rust wheels
sealing my undoubtedly due deraill
of a week to week pace gone snail
ooh day oh,slow maze,
phase one glow.ideas placed,
amongst the staled trail,semi stunned,
by the strobe lights blue daze,
that hazes purple knuckles,
plucking mottos that,
stay stuck to you..
stuck to u.
stuck ta ya.

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