Thursday, September 17, 2009


Insatuious skill,
the power to maximise every letter in the alphabet-
filling every inch of the blank tablet,
a synched mind of knowledge..
inline with the collage of natures carnage,
peaceful architext..
a balanace so humble yet so polished..
that if you push me to the edge..
the bottom will adjust..
to the fall of my ebs..
a collapse contained in context
the fire emits..abrased by the momentum shifts
you would think it would be the other way-
when the elements flip..
but the soul spits so precise.
stir in the catacombs.
still moved by the life..
even if the movement is in the opposite

Still aint no one brighter...
and nothing so sure..
all bets are off
until the planets collude..

the big question..
the big bang,,,

was it the answer
are we moving forwards or bkwrds..

growth amid upheavel
destruction and renewal and destruction
the cycle that fuels assumption..
till its a clears point..
a new direction..

the only message is intro-spection

defunct diallect..
denizen of circumstance.
residing in sliding
thoughts of silence..

like clouds in the wind
spinning against gusts
of grinning violence..
the breeze lick on the larynx
a passion tongue tied..coalesced
more the less..
an amaglam of maginations..
the wonderfull parade of illusion and frustration..
one man moving,through the sludge of disallusions..
fighting fusion..
patience or progress
whats winning-whats losing..

shifty parameters..iffy panoramas..

licking these paragraphs w enorumus type
lavendar deity of a dogmatic magma blow,
echo'ed from obscurity's lovely glow..
follow and quickly notice-
the difference level..

tongue stuck...with thoughts i wrestle-

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