Saturday, September 19, 2009

So far

All that i am..
all that i was..

suppose that these words..
could mend like gauze..

i would
commence to
amend my bars and structure-
fragments from
these punctured shards..

shoulder the weight
whilst breaking the laws-
with a sudden halt..
due to my pause..
and in that pause.
i stare at the sky
criss crossed..
plucking the stars
from heavens afar..
leave hell open fully ajar,,

stand in complacency with just a scar,,

"where ever i am..where i go..
my center is..all i know..
and if it gets pulled thats all i wrote..

"where ever i am wherever i go
thats where i need to need to be..
never stop the growth..
a simple smile and a lot of hope"

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