Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Floor Sit

End to End..
rhyming like ive seen lifes origins..
lost in the cosmos of fast stars and their utmosts urgings,,
the never (ending) hunger that wont cease
purge all your wants like a sick disease..
freeze your mind,. your protoform..your essence,,
with a look..a feeling..just a sheer prescense..
envelop me..
like darkness..
a canopy of nothing..
cauchy analysis
callous tangent,
of a dusy page rotting..
into a shapless-
orb absorbing,,absolution,,,
absolutley encompass the all..
like a body burning..
releasing itself for its final calling..
all intogether now..
like my alternate realities..
from dimension..
ending all probabilities
my singular
in human,,
im too into everything,..
to be decieved by something common..
its the one problem...

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