Saturday, September 12, 2009


Motivated failures
an illusion of fear
no longer freezes
my inner pieces
seeking summer
under cold
rigor mortis
i'm sure life teaches
what should be taught
in the due time that reaches
the nexus of caught thought
emitting .. befitting
tones from my speeches..

gathered here
in a consenus
of condensed respondent
ligaments that etch
a path on a pad like

anger scent

flow of the wrath..

eyes that glow
like an empath..
when clogged neutral
i guess the feeling stays

moving on,

visual splendor..
requiem for methuselah
tender touches of a claw
8 bit audio w a sore jaw
in awe..
of the flashy
sledgehammer w a haze
rendered from a mold
melded in blazy tinkerings
inked by blots bickering
mixed watery,,151 and powder
kinda lofty..shifty and horizontal
teetering on brinks that force pull
edges to crop up like humid paper
thats had enuff..
funk dust lust
the pen pumps,
busting clicks
like tic tac doe..
rae to
write what i can't

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