Saturday, March 3, 2012


Black magic and thick smoke,
misery and mayhem cloaked,
city lights bemoan headstones,
mystique and libations foam,
unknown bones en drenched-
in the dead sensations impulse,
science haunts the seance,
cheekbone silence entrapped-
to response,orthodox arts,
stopped wrist watch,feeling lost-
crossed hearts beat discreet,
rotting in the physique besieged,
gutter breeze from sewage release,
suicide beliefs eating every disease,
emptied scars that scowl and bleed,
hope flees in the need to be freed,


  1. It's like walking down an abandoned street, full of the dark horrors of the night.

    I love the flow of it, and how it has a haunting feeling to it.

    And btw, I nominated your blog for a blog award over here:

    1. Thanks for the nomination Flippy, your awesome!